About Us

It is the radio station with which tens of generations have grown and continues to impose itself with much credibility in front of people. For almost nine decades, generations of journalists, editors, artists, engineers have worked with dedication to bring into the listeners' houses the freshest and most objective news, the most interesting shows, the most beloved musical pieces, concerts, broadcasts and radio shows. Radio Moldova can be listened on the entire territory of the Republic of Moldova, FM and AM, but also on-line on TRM.MD.

Who we are?

The National Station Radio Moldova is a structure of the IPNA "Teleradio Moldova", broadcasting 24 hours a day. The departments and editors of the Broadcasting Company produce topical programs, cultural, educational, entertainment programs for children, youth, and sports. At present, the Radio Moldova grid contains 83 programs, among which 16 are from the Golden Fund of the media institution. It has seven editions ("Radio News", "Debates, Documentaries, Co Production and Investigations", "Culture", "Music", "Youth", "Children", "National Minorities" "Recordings and Musical Collectives", including the Symphony Orchestra, "Moldova" Choral Chapel) and the Radio Technical Center. Over the years, more than 120 thousand recordings have been stored in the national broadcasting archive: 89 thousand musical phonograms on different media and 32 thousand spoken bands.


Radio Moldova originates in 1930, when on the left bank of the Dniester River, in the town of Balta, it was established the Radio-broadcasting of the Moldovan Soviet Socialist Republic (R.S.S.M.), which was part of the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic. For almost seven decades, the right to free expression and pluralism of opinions were prohibited. Together with writers, scholars, academics, teachers, doctors, journalists from "Teleradio - Moldova" were among the first militants of the National Liberation Movement, which grew in 1988. In the summer of 1991, Radio Moldova was the only Union radio informing about the Putsch in Moscow. In 2004, Radio Moldova became a public radio station following the transformation of the State Company "Teleradio - Moldova" into the National Public Audiovisual Institution. In the tendency to capitalize on its potential and to diversify its products, IPNA "Teleradio-Moldova" launched on the domestic media market this day, but in different years, radio stations: in 2008 - Radio Moldova Music, and in 2012 - Radio Moldova Youth.


The creation team of broadcasting follows the observance of generally recognized journalistic principles: accuracy, operability, impartiality and credibility. Radio Moldova is among the preferences of the public according to criteria set by the Magenta Consulting company, which commissioned the Independent Journalism Center to conduct the "National Media Audience Survey" from 17 October to 11 November 2018.