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12 Oct. 2022 / 18:37

The Republic of Moldova will procure electricity from Romania

Romania will deliver electricity to our country instead of Ukraine, at a price of 90 euros/MWh. The announcement was made on Wednesday by Deputy Prime Minister Andrei Spînu.

According to the official, this is possible due to the changes in the legislation made by the Government of Romania following discussions with the Government of the Republic of Moldova. "Electricity will have a lower price than market prices and will ensure the 30% that we can no longer receive from Ukraine, starting from October 14. This is possible, because we succeeded in synchronizing our system with the European electric power system back in March", said Spînu.

The emergency ordinance approved by the Bucharest Government stipulates that "electricity producers are obliged to conclude bilateral contracts, within the limits of available quantities, primarily with electricity traders/suppliers designated by the Government of the Republic of Moldova". According to the CSE decision, "Energocom" is the designated company.

The necessary energy can be bought if the producers in Romania have sufficient quantities available. In this context, Andrei Spînu called on consumers to further reduce electricity consumption.

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