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25 Nov. 2022 / 09:50

"Come on, it's Friday!": The new music album of the performer Ion Razza

As soon as you leave work, Friday evening, from 18:30, on Radio Moldova, you are invited to exclaim with joy, freedom and relaxation: " Come on, it's Friday!".

And at the end of the week, Gabriela Ştirbu promises you a list of inevitable accessories for a weekend to remember for at least a week.

Be ready for the "Weekend Hit", a movie that is watched with "Popcorn on the menu" and follow the invitations: "Off the couch!" and "World, let's joke!".

At around 7:15 p.m, we reserved "Time for stories" with the interpreter Ion Razza. We find out what key the weekends are in the "clearing" and what landscapes we encounter on his new music album.

If you have no idea what to do on the weekend, don't think about it, stay tuned to Radio Moldova every Friday, from 18:30.

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