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26 Sep. 2022 / 15:05

What foreign languages do deputies from the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova know?

Estonian, Portuguese, German or Hebrew are some of the languages that deputies from the 11th legislature know. At the same time, according to the data from the CVs, almost all deputies know English and Russian, and 17 deputies know French.

The MP from the "Action and Solidarity Party", Vitali Gavrouc, knows six foreign languages: German, Italian, French, Spanish, English and Russian.

According to a press release from the Parliament, the Italian language is spoken by five deputies: Gheorghe Agheorghiesei, Iulia Dascălu, Mihail Druta, Maria Pancu and Galina Sajin. Four deputies know German: Oleg Canatsui, Fiodor Gagauz, Vitali Gavrouc and Artur Mija. At the same time, Angela Munteanu-Pojoga, Gheorghe Ichim and Viorel Barda know Portuguese, and Spanish - Radu Marian and Gheorghe Ichim. Deputies Evghenia Cojocari, Efimia Bandalac and Larisa Novac know the Ukrainian language, Fiodor Gagauz - the Gagauz language, and Maria Pancu - the Turkish language. The President of the Economy, Budget and Finance Commission, Dumitru Alaiba, knows the Estonian language, and the Deputy Evghenia Cojocari knows Hebrew.

Every year, on September 26, the European Day of Spoken Languages ​​is marked, through which the linguistic and cultural diversity of Europe is celebrated.

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