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Who we are?

TV Moldova 1 is the public television station of the National Audiovisual Public Institution "Teleradio - Moldova". It has national coverage and broadcasts 24 of 24 hours. The editorial policy of the institution is a generalist one. The National Television program includes entertainment, informative, cognitive, publicistic and analytical programs. TV Moldova 1 broadcasts productions produced and produced by the creation teams of the public television station, as well as programs by Deutsche Welle, Free Europe. TV Moldova 1 has the exclusive right to broadcast on the territory of the Republic of Moldova the concerts of the Eurovision Song Contest and the World Football Championship. Public television organizes, carries out and promotes social campaigns.



TV Moldova 1 station originates in 1958, when the first television appeared in Moldova. It was set up within the State Broadcasting Commission. The first show at the Moldovan Television was broadcast at 19:00 on April 30, 1958, being moderated by the actresses Constanta Tartau and Ariadna Kazanskaia. For nearly four decades, Moldova's television has been the only television station in the country with Romanian programs. Since 2004, TV Moldova 1 has been transformed from state television into public television. The authorities then make this decision under the influence of massive protests claiming the institution's public status.



TV Moldova 1 television station is one of the most watched TV stations in the country. According to the National Media Audience Survey, conducted between October 17 and November 11, 2018, TV Moldova 1 ranks second in the top of viewers' preferences.