About Us

You are young and you think freely, choose RMY! Radio Moldova Youth is the public radio station for young people. Information about new projects, opportunities, youth scholarships, entertainment shows, debates, good music - all you find at the RMY. Radio Moldova Youth (RMY) is the choice of young people. Listen to RMY LIVE on TRM.MD.

Who we are?

The target audience is young people aged 18-28. Designed exclusively for the youth, the RMY emits 24 of 24 hours and is designed by young journalists who are publishers, producers and presenters of the shows. RMY is a discussion platform for young people, where they can freely say what they think. The RMY broadcasts news every half an hour, on working days, headlines, complex shows, topicality debates, social campaigns, promotions. Its team performs a series of shows with an increased audience among young people. These include the "Free World" entertainment morning program, the Liberalization information and music stores, "Hot show", "E from Evening" programs.


RMY was launched on October 30, 2012. Its team was trained by experts from the Deutsche Welle Academy.