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08 Aug. 2022 / 11:28

Four cases of tuberculosis, including a child, reported in Chisinau

In the municipality of Chisinau, four new cases of tuberculosis were reported, including one in a child. Three patients are hospitalized, and one receives treatment at home. This was communicated by the deputy head of the municipal Health Department, Marina Buga, during the weekly meeting of the City Hall.

At the same time, the specialist said that the number of cases of COVID-19 in Chisinau is increasing. Thus, over 3,600 new cases were registered last week, 1,040 more than in the previous week. The authorities also reported seven deaths caused by the new virus. Currently, 358 people are hospitalized in hospitals with a COVID profile in Chisinau, 61 of whom are in serious health condition, reports Radio Moldova.

"The majority of adults diagnosed with COVID are treated at home under the supervision of primary care and the family doctor. There are currently 350 patients confirmed with COVID hospitalized in municipal hospitals, among which 61 are in serious condition. About 50% of hospitalized children are from the Republic of Moldova. The municipal hospitals are fully provided with medicines, pharmaceutical products and protective equipment", said Marina Buga.

The number of cases is increasing in the suburbs of Tohatin, Durleşti, Ghidighici, Bubuieci, Băcioi, Stăuceni, Codru, Cricova, Ciorescu, Grătiesti Sîngera, Condriţa and Budeşti.

Specialists urge people to wear a protective mask in public transport and crowded closed public spaces.

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