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29 Jan. 2022 / 19:50

Band "Zdob and Zdub" and the Advahov Brothers will represent Moldova at Eurovision 2022

The band "Zdob and Zdub" and the Advahov Brothers will represent the Republic of Moldova at the International Eurovision Song Contest 2022 (ESC). The song "Trenuleţul" got the most votes from the specialized jury, following the LIVE auditions broadcast live on Saturday on Moldova 2 TV and on TRM.MD.

The LIVE auditions were organized in Studio Nb.1 at Moldova 2 TV where the 28 participants registered in the national stage performed. Even though the audition stage this year excluded spectacular elements such as a show, ballet, decorations or special effects, the competition is exciting, said the competitors and the members of the jury.

The jury was represented by: Geta Burlacu - performer; Vali Boghean - singer-songwriter; Cristina Scarlat - performer; Victoria Cuşnir - journalist; Aliona Moon - singer.

In the MESAGER news program at 19:00, the members of the jury announced the results of the contest.

Here are the results:
6th place - Ferum „Love is”
5th place - Lanjeron - „Magic carpet” / Emilia Russu „Yama”
4th place - Anet Smirnova „Toxic Eyes” / Maxim Zavidia „READY”
3rd place - Lemonique - „Boys”
2nd place - Ana Cernicova - „Silent Battlefield”
1st place - Zdob şi Zdub & Fraţii Advahov „Trenuleţul”





The list of songs admitted in the national stage can be accessed on the portal

Public Broadcaster "Teleradio-Moldova" (TRM) organized LIVE auditions for the Eurovision 2022. The event was broadcast LIVE on Moldova 2 TV and LIVE on The performance of the singers can be watched on Youtube or on the Facebook pages: Eurovision Moldova, Teleradio-Moldova Company, Moldova 1 TV, Moldova 2 TV and Radio Moldova.

This year, the Organizing Committee gave up the organization of the final stage due to the pandemic. In these conditions, in accordance with the provisions of the Regulation, it was decided to designate the winner following the LIVE auditions.

Moldova will perform in the first semifinal on May 10, along with 17 other countries, including Ukraine and Russia. The representative of Romania will take the stage of Eurovision on May 12. The grand final of the competition will take place on May 14th. The 66th edition of the Eurovision 2022 International Competition will take place on May 10-14, 2022 in Turin, Italy.

The Republic of Moldova has been participating in ESC since 2005, reports TRM.MD.

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