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28 Jan. 2019 / 12:02

Public Broadcaster signs the Code of Conduct issued by the CEC for the election campaign

Public Broadcaster “Teleradio-Moldova’ signed the Code of Conduct on the development and coverage of the electoral campaign for the parliamentary elections and the republican consultative referendum from 24 February 2019.

The document is a convention concluded between electoral contenders and media representatives, which regulates the rules of conduct of electoral contenders / participants in the referendum and media representatives involved in the process of  developing and reporting about the electoral campaign.

The main objectives of the Code of Conduct  is  developing a fair electoral campaign under equal conditions, objective information of voters over electoral processes, free political participation in the electoral campaign, observance of the dignity of the participants in the electoral campaign, the creation of a climate of trust and mutual respect between the signatories in the electoral campaign.

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