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04 Sep. 2022 / 19:07

Today the International Bookfest Fair ended. Visitors' impressions

Despite the times we live in, the book remains an important source of knowledge and wisdom so necessary for people. The proof is the Bookfest Chisinau International Book Fair, which has come to an end today. During five days, those present had meetings with writers and book launches, and the biggest rush was at the shelves where the 30 thousand publications were displayed, Moldova 1 reports.

This year's edition was hosted for the first time by the Mediacor Center of the USM, which was invaded by visitors.

"You have a choice, you have a choice, I bought books for the children, but also for myself";

"This edition is wonderful";

"There are a lot of books, but not the ones I expected. The grammar of the Romanian language, I looked for it here, isn't here".

Among the visitors was the president of the Legislature together with his daughter.

"I said we come on Sunday with the little ones because they were at school during the week. We could not miss such an event, to refresh our library. We have the list".

On the last day, an event dedicated to children's literature writer Spiridon Vangheli on his 90th birthday was organised.

"Spiridon Vangheli, a travel passport of national and universal identity. He is the one who urges us not to forget the values ​​of the village, the Christian values, the tragedies we went through", mentioned the writer Ion Hadârcă.

The distinguished writer evoked his dear friends and their cultural achievements.

"I remember my youth, Grigore Vieru, Liviu Damian, Leonida Lari, other fellow fighters for the national interest, for raising children, not to be left behind by other nations. They are no more, but they are present through their books", specifies Spiridon Vangheli.

For five days, the Chisinau International Book Fair was a true cultural revelation.

"This edition was a success, I have a feeling of pride that it was organised at USM, in this space and it is the first event", said Igor Sharov, rector of USM.

"Bookfest Chisinau was possible thanks to a grant from the Department for Relations with the Republic of Moldova", said Mihai Mitrica, president of the Association of Publishers, Romania.

The fifth edition of Bookfest Chisinau was organized by the National Library of the Republic of Moldova, with the support of the Ministry of Culture from Romania and the Republic of Moldova, the USAID Agency and the Government of Sweden. The event took place under the patronage of the President of the Republic of Moldova, Maia Sandu and the President of Romania, Klaus Iohannis.


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