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31 Aug. 2022 / 14:08

After a two-year break, Bookfest returned to Chisinau (PHOTO)

After a two-year hiatus, the "Bookfest" International Book Fair has returned to Chisinau, and for 5 days, around 30 publishing houses on both banks of the Prut are waiting for reading lovers to choose from over 30 thousand volumes of books for all ages and preferences.

"Romanian literature is and feels at home, on both banks of the Prut. Authors, writers can and do edit their books at publishing houses in Romania, and at the same time, Romanian authors find it prestigious to edit books in Chisinau. I am sure that the performance of our creative people is appreciated in the cities of Romania. We feed each other culturally, we help each other and it's nice to be like that. Despite the difficulties of the last two years, our publishing houses have survived", declared Maia Sandu.

Meanwhile, the President of the Parliament Igor Grosu said that today "we have the opportunity to pay tribute to the Romanian language by buying books".

"Bookfest visitors will have the opportunity to browse the newest publications, participate in book launches, literary debates, workshops and soul meetings with cultural personalities from the Republic of Moldova and Romania", the head of the Legislature also mentioned.

The event takes place at Mediacor within the State University of Moldova and access is free.

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