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04 Sep. 2022 / 14:26

For the first time, the National Polish Reading Day was marked at the "Adam Mickiewicz" Library

They sang romances and read ballads based on the verses of the great Polish poet, Adam Mickiewicz. For the first time, at the Polish Book Library in Chisinau, the National Reading Day was marked, an action to promote Polish writers, which has been taking place for 11 years in Poland, reports Moldova 1.

The event started with a romance performed by Adriana Spuna and continued with poems by Adam Mickiewicz, read in Polish, Romanian and Russian.  Tatiana and Anastasia Colesnic read the poem Ghiocelul.

"They are up-to-date even if they were written many years ago, it is nice to read together", says Tatiana Colesnic, participant.

"We pay tribute to who Adam Mickiewicz was, to the literature, poems and ballads he left behind for the ages", mentions Livia Sârbu, director of the National Museum of History.

"We fell in love with this tradition while in Warsaw.  Reading Polish classic literature aloud is a very nice habit worth following", says Iurie Bodrug, Ambassador to Poland.

"We have a beautiful tradition.  We mark the National Reading Day under the honorable patronage of the presidential couple.  This year we pay tribute to romance.  We are glad that this tradition is taken over by the Adam Mickiewicz Library from the Republic of Moldova", said Tomasz Kobzdei, ambassador to the Republic of Moldova.

"We were motivated to organize this event by the fact that this year the book Ballads and Romances by Adam Mickiewicz was selected for reading, which is his first volume published 200 years ago, and on this occasion Poland was declared the cultural year of romance," says Svetlana Gumeni, director of the "Adam Mickiewicz" Library.

The action to promote Polish reading and writers has been organized in Poland for 11 years.


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