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08 Aug. 2019 / 15:36

Story of publishing the first newspaper with Latin spelling "Glasul"

A blessing, an act of justice, but also of great courage was the publication on February 15, 1989 of the first newspaper with Latin spelling " Glasul". It was published in Riga half a year before August 31, 1989, when the Romanian language, the Latin spelling were formalized, reports Moldova 1 TV.

The first issue with the latin alphabet of the Romanian language was printed in Riga after 44 years of banning the Latin alphabet. People wanted to change, says a distinguished participant in bringing home the newspaper “Glasul” in extremely dangerous conditions.

"Everyone wanted a change, to get some rights that we lost for almost 50 years because of the Soviet occupation. The idea of ​​ “Glasul” was launched by Ion Druţă, and it was taken over by Leonida Lari. Together with Viorel Mihail made a team and elaborated the newspaper under secret conditions. A very nice newspaper edited under western standards. The painter and journalist Iurie Zavadschi  edited it ”, said writer and linguist, Vlad Pohilă.

"The first issue appeared in Riga, why Riga? Because there was no typographic material in Chisinau, the then authorities were against any print in Latin alphabet. 60 thousand copies were printed in Riga and they were brought to Chisinau by truck on March 13, 1989”, said Pohilă .

"We were permanently insulted for almost half a century as we were not allowed to write in this alphabet. When I saw this first issue I had the feeling that we were bringing that huge bird of Freedom to Bessarabia because that meant the Latin Alphabet”, said the president of the Ecological Movement, Alecu Reniţă.

The financial problems in terms of printing, transporting the newspaper were assumed by Mrs. Eugenia Duca. "Glasul" was the results of the activity  of brave intellectuals. In the first issue, the late Grigore Vieru wrote: I love the Latin alphabet not because it is richer and more beautiful than other graphic systems, but because it is ours.

The second issue of the " Glasul " was printed in June-July 1989 in Vilnus, Lithuania.

The third issue of  “Glasul” was printed in autumn in Orhei, after the Romanian language and Latin spelling were formalized on August 31, 1989.

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