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21 July 2022 / 17:34

Anniversary exhibition of the plastic artist Lică Sainciuc, opened at the Art Museum (VIDEO)

"Lică Sainciuc. The painting of the 70s” is the generic of the exhibition event that brought together at the National Museum of Art of Moldova many admirers of the distinguished artist, graphic designer, art historian. The exhibition is on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the birth of Lică Sainciuc, informs Moldova 1.

Lică Sainciuc, the son of the great masters Valentina Rusu-Ciobanu and Glebus Sainciuc, offered visitors a royal painting and watercolour, made in 1970-1979.

"It's more about the painting technique. I abandoned it in the 80's, I switched to book graphics - Have you completely abandoned painting? - No! For example, Maria Cebotari was painted much later at my father's request," said the plastic artist, Lică Sainciuc.

"Lică Sainciuc, in general, is a paradox in our artistic world. Born into a family of well-known artists, he decided to do architecture, graduated in architecture and started doing painting and graphics," said the art critic, Tudor Stăvilă.

"We can talk about an artist anchored in the present because what Lică Sainciuc was doing in the 1970s is still relevant today," said the museum's director, Tudor Zbîrnea.

The works are from the artist's collection.

"I am very happy that the works have been preserved. They have been in the studio for so many years and it is very good that they are on the ramp of everyone's vision," said the artist's wife, Irina Leahu.

"Lică Sainciuc's exhibition seems to me a very important idea for the history of art in the Republic of Moldova and I am very happy that we have the opportunity to know, feel, touch what Lică Sainciuc's art means," said Ioana Isac.

"We are used to another image of Lică, that of illustrator and we miss this recovery of the years. Lots of great work. It's a totally different Lică and what I discovered is very modern," said the writer Vasile Ernu.

Lică Sainciuc is now working on the graphic presentation of a new children's book about democracy.

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