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25 July 2022 / 08:57

Telefilm Chisinau releases the documentary film "Flight", directed by Eugeniu Popovici (VIDEO)

"Flight", the documentary film about the master Vladimir Beşleaga, will premiere on Monday, July 25, the day the writer turns 91. The film produced by the Telefilm Chişinău studio will be screened at the "Eugene Ionesco" National Theatre.

"Flight" is a film about a monumental personality for our culture, Vladimir Beşleaga. We tried to show a part of the writer's life. It is a film that we worked on, together with the team, for a long time and for us it was a challenge. We tried to go further than a documentary film. We combined the documentary with reconstructions and animations", said the director of the film, Eugeniu Popovici.

On July 25, 1931, in Mălăiesti, Grigoriopol district of the Moldavian Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic, part of the Ukrainian SSR, their first and only child was born from the love of Vasile and Eugenia Beşleăgă. Vasile Beşleagă, who worked in the village of German settlers Kassil, was delighted with the households of the settlers, for this reason the child was named Adolf in German.

A few years later, when his grandmother and mother baptised him secretly, the Russian Orthodox priest in the village said that he does not baptise with the Catholic name Adolf. And then he was baptized with the name Vladimir, the name of the priest.

In 1955 he graduated from the State University of Moldova. He started his activity as a publicist collaborating with the magazines "Chipăruş", "Cultura Moldovei", "Tinerimea Moldovei". In 1991 he was awarded the honorary title "Writer of the People", and in 1996 with the "Order of the Republic", returned in 2003, as a sign of protest for the decoration of the former communist leader Ivan Bodiul with this order. In 2004, he was awarded the Excellence Award of the Moldovan Writers' Union for his entire literary and journalistic work and in 2012 - the title "Doctor Honoris Causa" of the "Alecu Russo" State University in Bălţi.

The premiere of the film "Flight" will take place on Monday, July 25, at the "Eugene Ionesco" National Theatre, starting at 6:30 p.m.

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