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Posted by: Mazur Rodica

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27 Aug. 2019 / 17:26

Young people from the diaspora, but also from the country, at a meeting with the prime minister

Prime Minister Maia Sandu welcomed 120 young people from the Diaspora and the Republic of Moldova today under the DOR program. The young people took a tour of the Government building and discussed with Prime Minister Maia Sandu in the Government meeting room.

The questions of young people from Greece, France, Portugal, England, Italy and many other countries to the head of the Executive were very complex and serious, ranging from the problem of waste, the creation of a strategy dedicated to young people, the problem of the recognition of diplomas and even the fake news from the election campaigns, according to a Government statement.

Prime Minister Maia Sandu's advice for children was to remain optimistic and to be open for lifelong learning.

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