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31 Jan. 2020 / 09:06

Works of a Moldovan painter displayed in Strasbourg

A personal exhibition titled, Diversitatea sufletului moldovenesc (The diversity of the Moldovan soul) by fine artist Gheorghe Lisita was inaugurated at the headquarters of the Council of Europe in Strasbourg, France, on 29 January, Moldpres reports.

The fine artist said that the event had been organized in the context of the actions of marking the 25th anniversary of Moldova’s accession to the Council of Europe.   

According to Lisita, the exhibition has 20 works, displayed in the Palace of Europe.   

Gheorghe Lisita was born in the Suhuluceni village, central Telenesti district, in 1982. He graduated from the Alexandru Plamadeala Fine Arts College and the Music, Theatre and Fine Arts Academy. The painter had exhibitions in Moldova, Romania, Poland, Turkey and other countries. Lisita’s works are preserved in private collections of Moldova and from abroad.  

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