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08 Apr. 2022 / 14:00

Export of IT services from the Republic of Moldova, increasing

The export of IT services from the Republic of Moldova is growing dynamically. In 2021, according to the National Bank of Moldova (NBM), the export volume of the IT industry in the Republic of Moldova increased by 35% compared to 2020. The evolution is mainly due to the fiscal regime in which the more than one thousand active residents of "Moldova IT Park", says the Minister of Economy, Sergiu Gaibu, reports Moldova 1.

Mihaela Savca is part of the team of an IT company that has been operating on the market for more than 15 years. "100% of what we do is export services, of which 60% are betting, sports betting and gaming, for which we are recognized worldwide, and 40% are the financial sector, e-commerce and retail," says Mihaela Savca, marketing specialist.

85% of total exports of IT services are generated by "Moldova IT park" residents, which shows that Moldova is a country focused on innovation and attracting international talent.

"Residents of the park not only apply a simplified tax regime, paying a tax of 7% of sales revenue, but also benefit from the IT visa program, with which they can easily document the foreigners they want to employ," says Natalia Donţu, administrator of "Moldova IT Park".

The export of IT services exceeded 2.5 times the export of wines and is even higher than the export of fruits and vegetables, accounting for 11% of total exports. An important incentive to increase the interest of young specialists is the average salary of resident companies "Moldova IT Park", which reached 35,000 lei, says Economy Minister Sergiu Gaibu.

"That is why I, with great pleasure, encourage young people, those who have a love for mathematics, for the fixed sciences, to examine these opportunities and to fit into these professions", says Sergiu Gaibu.

Currently, the resident companies "Moldova IT Park" have over 15 thousand employees, and the forecasted revenue for 2022 is about 7.5 billion lei.

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