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12 Oct. 2022 / 17:35

The Republic of Moldova will receive a grant of 10 million euros from Romania

The Republic of Moldova will receive a grant of about 10 million euros from Romania. The Ministry of Finance from Chisinau and the Agency for International Cooperation for Development (RoAid) have signed a financing agreement for the provision of direct budget support.

The agreement is based on the intention of the Romanian state announced on the occasion of the international conference in Berlin, on April 5, and materialized by the allocation of financial resources from the budgetary reserve fund at the disposal of the Government through the Decision of the Government of Romania no. 890/13 July 2022.

The money is intended for the achievement of international cooperation objectives for development and humanitarian assistance, especially for overcoming the economic crisis generated by the war in Ukraine, as urgent needs have been identified to solve the problems faced by the Republic of Moldova in the management of crisis situations and in the energy field through indispensable measures such as: the procurement of natural gas and coal, and other energy efficiency measures.

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