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14 Feb. 2020 / 15:13

Eurovision 2020: Find out the running order of the contestants in the National Final in Moldova

The names of the artists, song titles, running order and the date of the National Final show have been revealed!


Singer Midone Denis with the song "Like a champion" will be the one who will open the National Final, followed by Natalia Gordienco with the song "Prison" and Burlacu Geta with the song "Answer".

See below the running order.

4. Moraru Viorela - Remedy

5. Uzun Valentin şi Kovalsky Irina - Moldoviţa

6. Rusu Lavinia - Touch

7. Jelezoglo Dima - Do it slow

8. Rotaru Dianna - Dale dale

9. Parfeni Pasha - My wine

10. Live Beat - Love me now

11. Paşa Valeria - It’s time

12.  Ciolac Maria - Our home

13.  Letty Sasha - Summer of love

14. Kit Irina Chain reaction

15. Donciu Petronela şi Portărescu Andreea - We will be legend

16. Lanjeron - Hi five

17 Ilienko Julia ft. Mishel Dar – Tears

18. Sandu Catarina - Die for you

19. Cibotaru Alexandru -  Cine te-a facut să plângi

20. Zavidia Maxim - Take control

The 65th edition of the competition will take place in the city of Rotterdam in the Netherlands and will consist of two semifinals, organized on May 12 and 14, and the Final will be held on May 16, 2020. The representative of the Republic of Moldova will perform in the second semi-final, together with singers from Austria, Denmark, Bulgaria, Poland, Switzerland, Finland, Armenia, San Marino, Latvia, Serbia, Iceland, Georgia, Portugal, Czech Republic, Greece, Albania and Estonia

The traditional music competition will be broadcast live on Moldova 1 and online on WWW.TRM.MD.

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