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13 May 2019 / 09:34

Most cases of contravention in 2018 - in the field of road traffic

Most cases of contravention committed last year are road traffic violations - 63%, up by 7% in contrast to 2017, reports Moldova 1.

Altogether, over the past year, 265,000 cases of road traffic offenses have been detected. Most sanctions have been applied for traffic speeds, followed by failure to comply with road signs and crossing priority, breach of registration or state registration regulations, vehicle technical inspection.

At the same time, sanctions with the deprivation of certain rights were enforced for leaving the place where the road accident occurred, and in 41 cases the contravention arrest was applied.

For driving drunk 1,000 people have been sanctioned, compared with 1.4 thousand people in 2017, the National Bureau of Statistics informs.

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