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30 May 2022 / 11:02

Promo-LEX: Six incidents during the election, reported by observers

Promo-LEX observers counted the votes in parallel in the May 29 election and confirmed the preliminary results, announced by the Central Electoral Commission. At the same time, Promo-LEX announces that six incidents have been reported. The information was collected and reported by 18 short-term observers who monitored the electoral process in each polling station.

Within the perimeter of 100 metres of the polling station 30/24 Lozova, there was a case of electoral agitation, in the polling stations Ghetlova, Zastînca and Lozova there were four cases of voting ballots, and in the polling station 20 / 07, Bobeica, the members of the electoral bureau stopped the mandatory video recording of the counting process.

There was also a big difference between the number of mobile ballot applications submitted in the localities where the election took place. Most of them were requested in the villages of Glinjeni, Moara de Piatră and Zăicani, where 46, 51 and 66 applications were submitted, respectively, for voting at the venue. On the other hand, only between 2 and 4 such applications were submitted in five polling stations. Promo-LEX notes that according to international best practice, the use of mobile ballot boxes is not recommended as it is accompanied by a high risk of counterfeiting.

Another finding concerns the accessibility of polling stations. About 67% of them do not meet the minimum accessibility requirements and do not have a ramp for people with locomotor disabilities.

The votes were counted by the electoral bodies quickly, except for Zastânca village, Soroca district. About 1/3 of the polling stations ignored the rule on the mandatory presentation of the ballot paper by a single member.

As a result of the process of monitoring the conduct of the elections, in terms of respect for democratic principles and legislation, it was found that polling stations were opened and closed regularly. During the election day, voting was organised efficiently and was generally quiet, observers said.

In the first round, the mayors of Horodişte, Rezina district were elected; Moara de Piatra, Drochia district; Tataresti, Straseni district; Zaicani, Rascani district, Hagimus, Causeni district and Lozova communal councils, Straseni district and Bobeica, Hincesti district.

On June 12, 2022, the second round of elections will be organised in Ghetlova, Orhei district, Glinjeni, Falesti district and Zastânca, Soroca district.

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