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30 July 2022 / 19:19

At the National Museum of History in the capital, an exhibition with the State awards of the Republic of Moldova was opened

The history of state awards in our country can be seen in the exhibition "In reward for merits. The State Distinctions of the Republic of Moldova on the 30th anniversary". The event is organized by the National History Museum of Moldova in partnership with the National Heraldic Commission of the Presidency, reports Moldova 1.

"In the act of July 30, 1992, two orders were included, the supreme ones: the Order of the Republic and the Order of Stephen the Great - the supreme military order for the heroes of the war on the Dniester, who gave their lives for the Sovereignty and Independence of our country",  reported the state herald, Silviu Tabac.

Vladimir Bogdan, the head of the decoration section at the Presidency at that time, and the well-known plastic artist, Simion Odainic, contributed to the development of the concepts of the first awards.  Also at that time, four medals were instituted: for bravery, military merit, civic merit and Mihai Eminescu, as well as three honorary titles.

"One of the symbols of the sovereignty of any state has been achieved.  Now, we have a balanced and appropriate system", said Silviu Tabac.

Exhibitions of this kind are organized very rarely.

"The museum collections in our country are poor in such signs.  The distinctions of Russia and the USSR are better represented.  But we don't have the Romanian distinctions, the European distinctions, that's why such exhibitions are not often held", added Tabac.

Since 1992, the number of State awards of the Republic of Moldova has doubled and you can see them until August 25, at the National History Museum of Moldova.

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