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25 Nov. 2022 / 13:58

Iohannis: Direct electricity interconnections from Romania and the Republic of Moldova are totally insufficient

President Klaus Iohannis declared, on Thursday in Vilnius, that Romania supports and will support the Republic of Moldova, in the context of the Russian attacks on Wednesday that also affected the electricity supply in Moldova, but the direct interconnections between our country and Moldova are "totally insufficient", which also applies to gas or road infrastructure, reports.

"Regarding the interconnection between Romania and Moldova, I said it and so did the Government. Obviously, we help the Republic of Moldova. Until now, we have delivered everything that was needed, that is, everything that was asked of us, but these syncopes in the electricity supply appear for a very clear reason and I want to come with details. Direct interconnections from Romania and the Republic of Moldova are totally insufficient. This aspect has been neglected for years and at the moment, even if Romania provides electricity to Moldova, a significant part goes through Ukraine and is therefore exposed to these attacks", said Klaus Iohannis, when asked, on Thursday in Vilnius, if Romania can support the Republic of Moldova with long-term electricity, in the context of Wednesday's attacks by Russia that affected the supply of energy in the Republic of Moldova.

The head of state added that "there is only one solution".

"More and better interconnections must be made, direct interconnections between Romania and the Republic of Moldova. The same is true for gas, the same is true for road transport, etc. I don't want to try to explain why they haven't been implemented yet. The fact is that we are willing to help the Republic of Moldova, but the lack of interconnections of all kinds is a real problem at this moment. There are plans, they are being worked on and I hope that in a short time, not in a few weeks, but in a relatively short time these matters will be clearly improved, because in the medium and longer term we can help the Republic of Moldova in a effectively only to the extent that these interconnections are made", added Iohannis.

TRM.MD recalls that on November 15, the Republic of Moldova was cut off from electricity for an hour and a half. Due to the lack of electricity, several localities and neighbourhoods in Balti and Chisinau were left without electricity. Then the crisis was caused by the Russian attacks on the energy infrastructure in Ukraine.

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