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25 Sep. 2022 / 11:39

Irina Vlah on her future in national politics: I have experience, I have a vision

Irina Vlah suggested she is considering a career in national politics after the expiry of her term as Gagauzia Governor, saying she has the experience and a vision to contribute to the growth of the country, IPN reports.

Vlah’s second term in office is due to expire in July 2023 and the legislation bars her from seeking a third one. While admitting she has the experience needed to pursue a political career at national level, Vlah says she hasn’t decided whether to join a political party or go independent.

“Now I’m focusing on the final phase of my term. I want to compete all my projects: the construction of the stadium, of the industrial college, of schools, kindergartens and roads. When all the projects are completed, we will think about what is next. I have the experience, and I have a vision on how the country has to be developed. We need to focus on pressing issues: the young people are leaving and we need to think about how to create conditions and opportunities for them not to leave”, Vlah told a talk show on RliveTV.

Earlier, ex-prime minister Ion Sturza claimed Irina Vlah intended to join the party of Ion Chicu, prime minister during 2019-2020. However, she hasn’t confirmed such plans, without outright denying them.

“I have good relations with all the prime ministers I have worked with. I have maintained good relations with all the colleagues with whom I have worked, with whom I have contributed to the development of the country. I am a citizen of Moldova and I have this right”, Irina Vlah added.

A month ago the Gagauz legislature set the date of the gubernatorial election for 30 April 2023. Irina Vlah has been in office since 2015.


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