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06 Nov. 2022 / 16:02

A man from Comrat was infected with tetanus. It is the first case in the last 20 years

The first case of tetanus in the last 20 years was registered in the Comrat region. The patient, a 72-year-old man, received a circular saw wound while working in the household. After he was given the necessary medical assistance, his condition soon worsened. The relatives accuse the doctors of negligence. On the other hand, the administration of the Comrat Regional Hospital mentions that the patient was treated well and will investigate the case, informs Moldova 1.

The 72-year-old man was hospitalized on October 22 with an open wound on his leg and after medical care, he went home a few days later. On October 28, the patient called the doctors again, this time being in a serious condition. The man's daughter accuses the doctors of not being attentive and not taking care of her father.

"The doctors processed his wound very well and sewed it up. However, it is a huge mistake that my father was not given the tetanus vaccine. As far as we know, the vaccine must be received within 24 hours, but he was called for the vaccine only after 48 hours. His condition is very serious, he has been in the intensive care unit for five days", said the patient's daughter, Larisa Dermenji.

The administration of the Comrat hospital did not want to comment on the situation, noting that the patient was given all the necessary assistance.

"Cases of tetanus are very rare because most people get vaccinated. In the case of the patient, I can say that he was injured and as he was not vaccinated, he got infected. That would be one of the causes. We gave the man all the necessary assistance", explained the deputy director of Comrat Hospital, Constantin Ianioglo.

 The man had received the last vaccine at the age of 60. The administration of the Hospital in Comrat says that it has started an internal investigation on this case.

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