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05 Nov. 2022 / 12:35

Tiraspol complained to Moscow that its gas supplies were reduced

The separatist authorities from Tiraspol complained to Moscow that Moldovagaz reduced gas supplies to the left bank of the Dniester, and the news agency associated with the separatist regime, NovostiPMR, writes that the Republic of Moldova would "steal" part of the gas intended for the left bank and would sell it to Ukraine. This last accusation is rejected by Moldovagaz, while experts from Chisinau point out that Russia - the sponsor of the Tiraspol regime - is the one that caused the energy crisis, reports Radio Moldova.

The separatists say that they have complained to several institutions in the Russian Federation, including the Kremlin, and the so-called foreign minister of the Transnistrian region, Vitalie Ignatiev, said that there would already be reactions to those complaints without specifying what they were. Chisinau does not deny that deliveries to the left bank of the Dniester have been reduced, but rejects the accusations regarding the sale of gas to Ukraine. In an intervention for Radio Moldova, the director of Moldovagaz, Vadim Ceban, stated that on the one hand the company does not have the right to sell gas on the foreign market, and on the other hand the quantities of gas that the Republic of Moldova stores in Ukraine cannot be used by it for its needs. "Moldovagaz, first of all, cannot sell to anyone except the domestic market, according to the contract with Gazprom. The gases that are now stored in Ukraine, in underground storages, are the property of Energocom and will be able to be used in case of emergency, but all operators are governed by European rules, which prohibit the use of gas quantities for their own purposes", explained Vadim Ceban.

The Secretary of State at the Ministry of Infrastructure and Regional Development specified that the Republic of Moldova buys additional quantities of natural gas, which means that it has nowhere to sell. On the other hand, energy expert Victor Parlicov points out that Russia, to which Tiraspol complained, caused the energy crisis facing the Republic of Moldova by reducing the amount of gas. "There is no such provision in the contract that it can limit and withhold the amount of gas you ask for. There is provision that it can terminate the contract. Let them terminate it, why don't they terminate it? It knows that it will not be able to deliver anything to Transnistria. Gazprom is the one that triggered it and it transfers the decision to Chisinau. You in Chisinau must decide how much gas you give on the left side of the Dniester, how much gas you leave on the right side", noted expert Victor Parlicov.

TRM.MD recalls that since October 1st, Gazprom has been delivering 5.7 million cubic metres of gas to the Republic of Moldova daily, which represents approximately half of the volume stipulated in the contract, for the current month. Since the first of November it has been reduced by about 40%.

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