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08 Mar. 2019 / 18:45

Solidarity March staged on International Women's Day in Chisinau

They demanded equal rights for women and men, promotion to key functions in the state, and ceasing discrimination. A few hundred people gathered in Chisinau in a Solidarity March. Protesters aim to raise awareness about gender inequality in Moldova, Mesager reports.

"This feast began with the emancipation of women for their struggle for equal rights, but degraded to flowers, candies, and pans as gifts. This is quite negative, we have to realize, men, that we have different attitudes towards men and women", said organizer Rodion Gavriloi.

"Compared with 2014, the number of women in parliament will not increase. We struggle for a higher empowerment of women in the decision making process”, said a participant in the protest.

"In many cases, women are bullied and harassed, and today, on the Women's Day, I decided to show my solidarity",  said another protester.

According to a study by the "DEVELOPMENT PARTNERSHIP" Center, women in Moldova have to work longer by a month and 20 days to be paid just like men during one year.

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