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15 Apr. 2022 / 10:39

Bicycle parking in the courtyard of a lyceum

The students of the "Mihail Kogălniceanu" Lyceum from Chisinau participated in a project, in which they benefited from financing for a bicycle parking lot, in the yard of the institution. They say that from now on they will opt for ecological means of transport, Moldova 1 TV reports.

The children were instructed in traffic safety rules. The courtyard of the "Mihail Kogălniceanu" Theoretical Lyceum is now full of bicycles.

Sergiu Morari is among those who came to school with an ecological means of transport. "I didn't come before, but now I think I'll come because there are bicycle parking lots and it's safer. For the students of our school, they are welcome because many wanted to come by bicycle ", said Sergiu Morari, student at " Mihail Kogălniceanu " Lyceum.

Daniel Cojocaru is in sixth grade and is riding a scooter. From now on, she has a safe place where she can leave it until the end of lessons. "I don't have a bicycle, but I have an electric scooter. I didn't have a place to park it before. Now, since the parking lots were set up, I will ride my scooter ", said Daniel Cojocaru.

A total of 24 parking spaces have been arranged, and if necessary, they will be supplemented. "On the first day of the project, we already have 22 students who came either by bike or electric scooter. We will definitely expand our bicycle park if the students also want to come with an Eco transport to school ", said Iulia Dobrea, deputy director of the " Mihail Kogălniceanu " lyceum.

The "Green City School" contest is implemented by 22 institutions in Chisinau. With the support of the Chisinau police, students were instructed on how to cover a bicycle route ", said Corina Zavtoni, project coordinator.

The project "Eco-school promotes cycling" was implemented by the German Agency for International Cooperation with the financial support of the Federal Ministry and the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation.

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