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02 July 2022 / 13:00

Several cases of sunstroke, registered in Moldova: Recommendations of specialists during the heatwave

Since the beginning of this week, four people have requested the ambulance due to the sunstroke, announces the National Centre for Pre-Hospital Emergency Medical Assistance. To avoid such problems, doctors recommend people to consume as much fluid as possible and to avoid sun exposure between 10:00 and 17:00, Radio Moldova reports.

Of the four people who requested the ambulance due to prolonged exposure to the sun, three are children, said for Radio Moldova the spokesperson of the National Centre for Pre-Hospital Emergency Medical Assistance, Galina Boboc.

"Recently, medical teams have been requested for three children up to 12 years old, two minors from Chisinau and a case from Ocnita district. At the same time, emergency medical assistance was provided to a 48-year-old patient from Anenii-Noi district. After providing emergency medical assistance, at the prehospital stage, two patients needed to be transported to the hospital," said Galina Boboc.

Doctors advise people not to work outside when it is very hot, to wear sunglasses and light-colored clothes, to hydrate properly and to have a bottle of water on hand when they leave home. The doctor, Luminiţa Suveică says that during the heatwave we must avoid eating foods high in fat.

"It is necessary to consume as many liquids as possible, more than 2 litres. The diet should also be lighter, with less fat based on more vegetables and fruits, as many salads and seasonal fruits that are recommended. If a person has sunstroke, wash him with cold water, open his buttons and call the emergency service," said  Luminiţa Suveică.

TRM.MD recalls that the meteorologists extended the yellow heat wave code until July 6th.

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