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08 Aug. 2022 / 13:05

Oleg Serebrian: The number of requests regarding the granting of citizenship of the Republic of Moldova for the inhabitants of the left side of the Nistru on a rise

Despite the complicated general context in the region, the social reintegration process of the two banks of the Nistru is obvious. Lately, the number of requests for granting citizenship of the Republic of Moldova for residents on the left side of the Nistru River, as well as for registration in Chisinau, of businesses from this region has increased - said Deputy Prime Minister for Reintegration Oleg Serebrian. Some experts are of the opinion that during this year of government, the Chisinau authorities faced the biggest challenge - maintaining state security in the context of the war in Ukraine, reports Radio Moldova.

The projects to increase trust between the two banks of the Nistru implemented with the support of the development partners of the Republic of Moldova have a beneficial impact, including on the economic dimension. Currently, more than 70% of exports from the Transnistrian region are in the EU, said Deputy Prime Minister Oleg Serebrian.

"The economy on the two banks of the Nistru is much more integrated now than it was a few years ago and this is a reinsurance mechanism, in the current security conditions. I would also like to mention the fact that over 70 percent of exports are with the European Union, including Romania, transiting the right side of the Nistru, the territory controlled by the Chisinau authorities".

In the current regional security conditions, the authorities from Chisinau managed to ensure the security of the state, which is very important, according to expert Mihai Mogîldea.

"As long as the 5+2 format is an ineffective one, the two parties who have the status of mediators because Ukraine and the Russian Federation are at war. That is why a political regulation formula cannot be agreed at the present time, at the same time I have noticed in recent months that there are some informable agreements between Chisinau and Tiraspol regarding the delivery of electricity and the transport of metal waste to the Rîbniţa plant", mentioned the expert.

For unknown reasons, no results were reached regarding the reintegration process because the two mediators from the 5+2 format, Ukraine and the Russian Federation, are at war, the most important thing is that it was not possible to involve the Republic of Moldova in this armed conflict.


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