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30 Oct. 2022 / 17:50

UPDATE The police are documenting several people who would intend to destabilize the protest organized by the "Shor" Party

UPDATE 14:33 Former employees of the law enforcement appeared at the meeting with specific blue ribbons on their hands, and they give instructions to the people in the crowd. Video images in this regard were published by the law enforcement officers on the Telegram channel.

UPDATE 14.02 The police are documenting 40 men, who would have aimed to destabilize today's protest organized by the "Sor" Party. They were escorted by the law enforcement officers to the inspectorate for hearings and documentation.

According to the Police, they came to the meeting with the aim of destabilizing and recruiting young people with an athletic constitution.

In order to ensure public order and not admit altercations with other groups of people who have activities on bld. Saint Stephen the Great , the Police recommended the organizers and offer them support for moving to the meeting place on Bucuresti street.

At the same time, the representative of the Local Public Administration requested the representatives of the participants in the meeting to move along the route indicated by the Police (Str. Bucuresti) and not to block bld. Saint Stephen the Great.

Today, the political party "Sor" organizes a new protest in the center of Chisinau. Meanwhile, in the Grand National Assembly Square (PMAN) the local producers' fair "My Village", organized by the Government, is taking place.

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