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01 Sep. 2022 / 19:37

The World Congress of Eminescologists, at the 11th edition (VIDEO)

Eternal Peace, the destiny of values, the dialogue of the arts are the main themes of the 11th edition of the World Congress of Eminescologists, which took place today at the "Mihai Eminescu" Academic Centre in the capital, reports Moldova 1.

Important researchers from the Republic of Moldova and from abroad presented communications about the topicality and perpetuity of Eminescu's work.

The idea of ​​the Congress belongs to the academician-minescologist Mihai Cimpoi. He chose a current theme for the 11th edition: "Eminescu and the challenges of our time".

"It is also about Eternal peace. It's also about justice, it's also about education, agriculture, the pandemic helps us find saving solutions", says Mihai Cimpoi, coordinator of the Congress.

"Eminescu went through an era when there was peace, and wars, and conflicts and he knew how to answer that only through culture, through spirit, peoples, nations can prosper", adds the poet Valeriu Matei.

Miroslava Metleaeva spoke about the translation of the Emincian work into Russian.

"My fate was to communicate with Mihai Eminescu thanks to Mr. Cimpoi. He told me that we had to make a modern translation, closer to the original, and we had about ten versions of Luceafăr, says Miroslava Metleaeva.
Priest Teodor Damian told about the Eminescu symposium that he is organising in New York.

"Very important because, on the one hand, we don't feel isolated there, and on the other hand, coming here we can share what we do with our brothers from home and we can take the values, events, people, souls, spirit from here and we are transplanting to New York in our community", says Teodor Damian.

Albums with personalities from the poet's life, Eminescu medals on the occasion of the 11th edition of the Congress were given to the participants by the representatives of Romanian city halls.

"Because we like culture, we like Bessarabia, we like Eminescu who unites us with everyone and not only us, but also the Chinese, Spanish, people who love Eminescu", says the mayor of Dumbrăveni, Suceava , Ion Paval.

The communications of the participants in the congress will be edited in a volume that will reach all libraries in the Republic of Moldova.

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