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Posted by: Carolina Străjescu

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24 Nov. 2022 / 19:05

The Civil Aviation Authority requested the Air Moldova company to stop the sale of tickets for the 2023 summer

Unannounced inspection at Air Moldova, which initiated a campaign to sell tickets for the 2023 summer season, in the absence of a flight schedule approved by the Aeronautical Authority Civil (AAC) and authorizations for the operation of regular routes. AAC requested the Air Company "Air Moldova" to suspend the sale of tickets for destinations for which there is no properly approved flight schedule and/or authorization for the operation of the regular route.

At the same time, in order to establish all the circumstances and possibly hold accountable the persons who are guilty of the mentioned violations, the Civil Aeronautical Authority submitted an approach to the legal authorities.

Also, during the control activity, serious deficiencies of a financial nature were detected, which can disrupt the smooth operation of the operator and the safety of the planned air operations.

Thus, the Air Moldova company was assigned the IV risk group, which according to aeronautical procedures means that "the air operator seems to have major financial difficulties, facing financial stability problems and a potential risk of insolvency, being necessary to immediately begin a risk management process and closely follow all matters of interest and use an assessment tool and/or a continuous monitoring tool to further identify further actions”.

In this sense, the CAA issued an inspectorial prescription by which it requested from Air Moldova, the elaboration and presentation for the CAA's approval of a corrective action plan, which would establish the actions to remedy the precarious financial situation, in order to ensure the smooth functioning of the operator aerial. In the same way, an extensive risk assessment took place, being requested to ensure compliance with the national regulatory framework regarding certification requirements.

For its part, the air operator claims that the Aeronautical Authority's request to stop the sale of tickets for the 2023 season is unfounded and illegitimate.

"The involvement of the Civil Aviation Authority in the commercial activity of the airline is an abuse. In a short time, the Air Moldova company will come with a broad reaction and an official position in this regard.

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