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30 May 2021 / 09:00

An entrepreneur grows mushrooms in a mine from which limestone was previously extracted

Mushrooms are considered a niche crop in Moldova. Few people start such a business. Sergiu Cichir is part of the list of those who make an exception. In a mine in the village of Făureşti, Chisinau, from where limestone was previously extracted, the entrepreneur began to grow mushrooms of the Pleurotus type, popularly known as trout. The business is becoming profitable, and the farmer says he now wants to conquer new markets, Mesager reports.

On an area of ​​two hectares, Sergiu Cichir has been cultivating, for three years, several varieties of mushrooms. The land is located in a former mine, from where limestone was once mined. The farmer says that he cultivates his mushrooms according to his own technology, in polyethylene bags he adds mycelium and remains of ecological products.

Even if he manages to grow quality mushrooms, the farmer says that he currently has nowhere to sell them.

The producer also says that currently the local market is full of imported mushrooms, which affects his sales.

Although he faces several difficulties, the producer mentions that he does not give up. His big dream is to promote Moldovan mushrooms on new markets.

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